HackenAI is a revolutionary, 360° cybersecurity companion product derived from Hacken’s cumulative and extensive cybersecurity knowledge from their amalgam of experiences with B2B products such as HackenProof, Security Assessments & Blockchain Security Consulting, and CryptoExchange Rankings. Powered by the native HAI token with blockchain elements integrated, HackenAI provides complete cybersecurity protection. 

HackenAI app (and browser extension) helps mitigate risks of exploitation and teach best practices via gamified and NFT reward-based CyberBootCamp learning modules. HackenAI features include DarkNetMonitoring, Password Manager, Multi-Chain-Wallet, VPN, Multi-factor Authentication, Secure Storage, Antivirus, Anti-Phishing, Malicious Websites Blocker, and Risk Scoring System for Installed Apps (and offers additional B2C services).

What we did

  • Migration from Ethereum
  • Community infrastructure
  • Transition from B2B to B2C
  • Rebrand