NSF International’s COVID-19 Safety Protection Certification Brings VeChain Blockchain to Worldwide Public Health Protection

On August 21 2020, it was reported that NSF International, the world’s leading provider of public health standards and safety risk management solutions has officially adopted VeChain’s public blockchain technology to power its COVID-19 Safety Protection Certification.

NSF International is a global leader in public health safety. Dedicated to protecting and improving global human health since 1944, NSF facilitates development of public health standards and to test, audit and certify products and services. The NSF mark assures consumers, retailers and regulators that certified products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements. NSF has established its presence in over 180 countries across all major industries.

Blockchain technology has long been touted as an important cornerstone technology to help companies and organizations secure their data and information. This latest adoption of VeChain’s platform by NSF International, is direct evidence that VeChain is trusted in the global public health industry and will lead to thousands of companies being powered by VeChain in the long term.

Blockchain’s Trustworthy Immutable Data Assists In COVID-19 Risk Management

After a string of high profile partnerships that saw major companies such as Grant Thornton, Bayer and Walmart building their solutions on VeChain, it should be of no surprise for blockchain industry followers and stakeholders in NSF International’s choice for choosing VeChain platform as their blockchain of choice.

In a prior insights article, we talked about how Trustworthy Immutable Data will revolutionize the way data is valued and utilized in the new economy. The same concept applies to almost every sector that requires data to be secured, and is a perfect way to increase the efficiency of COVID-19 risk management around the world.

COVID-19 is increasingly becoming accepted as part of the new normal, impacting how people interact and how businesses function. The virus has radically changed the way humans socialize and interact in under a year due to potential risk of outbreak and infection. Social distancing, once unheard of, is now the norm for every culture and country in the world.

Livelihoods of many are severely affected as businesses are shut down due to the reduced consumer confidence and Governments opting to restrict business activities in order to manage the COVID-19 risk.

This is not a sustainable long-term situation as the world economy comes to a halt. A global trusted certification body like NSF International is able to make a difference by developing an assurance program such as the COVID-19 Prevention Control Practice (PCP) which will become the standard certification and assurance for consumers, retailers and regulators.

VeChainThor Blockchain - The Revolution In Data Safety and Immutability

Using blockchain technology, stakeholders can be assured that a trusted Independent global certification body such as NSF has put their reputation at stake and have effectively leveraged on their professional staff of engineers, microbiologists, toxicologists, chemists and public health experts to provide this certification service.

With NSF and other assurance providers building solutions on VeChain to manage the risks through blockchain’s Trustworthy and Immutable Data nature, VeChain’s blockchain technology can play a major part during this unprecedented pandemic, and help return society back to normal.

NSF International has opted to integrate their certification process and services offered to their numerous clients to be stored on the VeChainThor public blockchain. By scanning the QR code on NSF’s certificates, trustworthy data relating to COVID19 risk management practices will be instantly displayed.

With VeChain’s technology, risk management systems associated with COVID19 infections become much more robust and efficient, harnessing the power of a public blockchain to deliver complete data transparency. Stakeholders, from companies to customers, are now able to trust each other, being fully and assured of the resulting quality of data logged in a transparent and immutable way.

Channel Partner Approach - Exponential Adoption of VeChain

NSF, with this latest technological development, contributes to the development of essential global public health standards. By providing its services to other companies and organizations, VeChain, by proxy, is able to expand their footprint and help thousands of other companies and organizations in the world, all without ever working with them directly. This is the potency of VeChain’s channel partner business development approach.

This approach is leading to exponential growth in terms of network adoption for the VeChainThor blockchain. While other platforms struggle to find single use cases, VeChain corrals entire industries, leveraging professional industry consultants such as DNV GL, PwC, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, and more.

The collective business reach served by these professional companies exceeds hundreds of thousands. With this strategy, VeChain only needs to focus on their tech development and standardization of solutions whilst channel partners build solutions for their clients and unlock exponential growth for the VeChain ecosystem.

VeChain is no longer at the stage of blockchain technology experimentation like other projects in the space, but can safely claim that it is a public blockchain that is already adopted by many businesses and entities across the world. The vision of global mass adoption is already under way and it is no longer a dream but a reality in progress.


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