Hacken – An Ecosystem of Protection For Digital Wealth

As banks digitize their services, the protection of wealth and cybersecurity practices surrounding them have had to evolve at a rapid pace. The ever-looming threat of cyber-theft and large-scale hacks has only continued to grow as technology progresses. Major global hacking events such as ‘SolarWinds’ has shown the fragility of the status quo.

In this centralized wealth management model, the information displayed in your bank account is a simple I-Owe-You (IOU). The figures are a mere representation of wealth, but not actual. If another major global cyber-event were to occur and the internal ledgers of banks were corrupted, access to your money could be wiped out in an instant. 

Compounding this risk, over-reliance on centralized account management systems has led users to develop extremely poor cybersecurity habits, with the average individual effectively losing the ability to manage their own online data and security. In an ironic turn, centralized applications, through their micro-management of user security, have made users even less secure.

Crypto Assets – Taking Control Of Your Wealth

Cryptographic assets represent a new kind of digital wealth. For the first time, individuals can hold high value assets outside the control of the traditional financial system. These assets can not be artificially inflated, instead, each number in a crypto wallet is a direct representation of wealth. 

In this model, an individual is in complete control of their assets, gaining far greater protection from decentralized networks due to the unlikeliness of all nodes failing simultaneously. The downside, however, is that when theft occurs, there is no mediator to reverse a transaction. Assets can be quickly monetized by malicious parties, thus, the onus for security falls at the user level. 

Because of the centralization of security in the traditional system, most users nowadays are unfamiliar with best practices associated with cybersecurity and how to properly protect themselves in an online environment. Paper wallets, ledgers, mnemonic phrases, private key and public keys – crypto can be  an overwhelming world of new phrases and terms – one single mistake can lead to large financial losses.

Thankfully, users no longer have to face this new world alone. 

Hacken – Advanced Protection In A World Of Decentralized Assets

Hacken was founded in 2017 by a team of security specialists and white hat hackers. Recognizing the many benefits and pitfalls of decentralized technology, Hacken began on its mission to transform the cybersecurity capabilities of the emerging decentralized world. 

Hacken Founder and CEO, Dyma Budorin, brings considerable cybersecurity expertise having worked for the Ukrainian government and delivered projects for high profile corporate entities. From launch, Dyma’s team and a community of white hats supporting Hacken were able to bring their advanced knowledge, technical understanding and impeccable standards to the world of decentralized cybersecurity.

Hacken – Cybersecurity Evolved

Their first product was HackenProof – a bug bounty program providing services across the crypto industry. With over 75 bug bounties successfully launched and a community of 4500 ethical hackers, Hacken was able to establish a reputation as a robust and reliable service provider. CER.live, a more recent addition to the armory, deep dives into exchange security and data, reviewing and assessing platforms to help users better understand how secure their assets are and how trustworthy an exchange is. Hacken also offers cybersecurity services to companies, DeFi dApps, provides blockchain smart-contract audits and more. If you work with decentralized technologies, Hacken is an indispensable ally.

A few of the many partners and clients of Hacken

HackenAI – Cybersecurity Built To Protect You

HackenAI is Hacken’s latest security offering – a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools made available for you, your family and friends. Powered by the HAI token minted on the VeChainThor blockchain, HackenAI rewards community stakeholders in a variety of innovative ways through its Hacken Club program, incentivizing participation and driving growth in a decentralized manner.

HackenAI statistics

Features of the HackenAI application include:

  • CyberBootCamp: an educational program that teaches users the essentials of good cybersecurity practices
  • hVPN: A fast and secure VPN, protecting your information online.
  • hGuard (coming in 2021): A privacy application for keeping your digital and financial identity secure
  • hPass  (coming in 2021):  A password manager and secure storage facility, protecting personal data against cyberattacks, sim-swaps, viruses and malware, preserving critical information across multiple devices
  • hAuth (coming in 2021): 2-Factor authentication, denying password thieves access to your wealth

The HackenAI application is freely available on both iOS and Android.

Protect Your World With HackenAI

Hacken was built on the back of thousands of man-hours of experience in the cybersecurity sector. Through HackenAI, that experience can now be shared with the public, protecting friends and loved ones. In a rapidly digitizing world, cybersecurity has become the most important security of all. 

In our next article, we will discuss how CREAM and Hacken came together and how they cooperated to develop one of the most robust cybersecurity platforms in crypto today.