Fashion Brand COS (H&M Group) adopts VeChainThor Public Blockchain Technology

Following the successful pilot in Europe with H&M sister brand Arket and its sustainable wool beanie back in 2018, COS, a high-end premium brand in the H&M family is now moving ahead with adopting and launching the use of VeChain software and hardware through the application of  VeChain Toolchain™️. COS’ usage of the technology was […]

CREAM announces Partnership with Bitrue to Strengthen the CREAMethod and VeChain Ecosystem

It has been almost a year since the announcement of CREAM’s strategic partnership and incubation project, the 8Hours Foundation and their Founding Partner PlayTable. CREAM continues to work hard behind the scenes across multiple time zones and geographical regions, strengthening the CREAMethod incubation ecosystem.  CREAM continues to make use of ample resources and a global […]

8Hours Foundation and PlayTable CREAMethod

Revealing the CREAMethod and its Highly Anticipated Incubation Project, 8Hours Foundation + PlayTable

Over the past half year, the team at CREAM has been busy evolving our business strategy and enhancing our methodology. This has resulted in two revolutionary concepts; one changing the way venture capitalists approach startups, and two, how a startup should structure itself for optimal success. This groundbreaking methodology is called the CREAMethod. CREAMethod has […]

Invest Cyprus VeChain CREAM

Cyprus to Collaborate with VeChain Foundation and CREAM for Fintech, Blockchain Development in Cyprus

Cyprus to Collaborate with VeChain Foundation and CREAM for Fintech, Blockchain Development in Cyprus             Nicosia, Cyprus — Invest Cyprus, the national Investment partner of the Republic of Cyprus, VeChain Foundation, a Singapore registered legal entity with focus on building public blockchain solutions, and CREAM, a USA registered legal entity with focus [...]
VeChain Summit 2019

Enterprise Blockchain Leader VeChain’s First Developer Conference Is Coming to SF on April 18

VeChain, the leader in enterprise adoption of public blockchain technology, has set the date for its first VeChain Summit on April 18, 2019. The venue is set for Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason, San Francisco, California. Themed as “Creating Valuable Transactions,” the Summit is specifically crafted to bring developers, academic professionals, startups, business decision makers and venture capitalists together […]

CAHrenheit CREAM Bitshine

Joint Announcement: BitShine Group and CREAM’s Strategic Investment In Cahrenheit

Bitshine Group and CREAM announce their private round investment in the Cahrenheit Foundations project Cahrenheit. This round was designed to bring together value-driven enterprise and industry leaders with the Cahrenheit real world blockchain use case through early investing opportunities. Cahrenheit aims to disrupt a global 1 trillion dollar automotive aftermarket industry through blockchain-based ecosystem address […]

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